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Furniture Upholstery

Does your home or office furniture need new upholstery? Search no more, because we are here to help you reupholster your furniture and make it look brand new again. For over 20 years, we’ve increase the look, feel and value

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chair upholstery

Upholstery Repairs

Do you urgently need quality Upholstery Repairs? Our company is available to help you resolve all of your problems. Take advantage of our professional upholstery repairs Gold Coast and make your home look way more refreshing and cosy. Why do

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Commercial Furniture After Photo

Commercial Upholstery

Everybody knows for sure it’s a great alternative to get your furniture upholstered and renovate your home. But why focus only on your house or apartment when you can renew your business offices as well? And this is the exact

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Why Gold Coast Upholstery?

Our Gold Coast Upholstery team is dedicated to providing you the best upholstery services on the coast. Over 20 years, thousands of clients have trusted us. Let us:

    • Reupholster that cut or scratch in your furniture you cringe at every time you look down at the seat


    • Make your leather furniture with a breath of new life through our Reupholstery services!



    • Increase the value and enjoyment of your furniture’s life and resale value!


Furniture Reupholstery Across The Gold Coast

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, our mobile Gold Coast Upholstery service will come to you to deliver a wide range of upholstery services.

Lounges, Sofas & Ottomans – Our most popular service

Want to enjoy your favourite lounge, sofa or ottoman a little more? Can’t bare to part with it for a new one? We can easily reupholster your favourite couch for you and make it last longer. Our Gold Coast Upholsterers know how to keep the original features of your furniture and remove only the minor flaws. You don’t have to change your couch because of a few torn or worn out parts.

Chair Upholstery – Reupholster to make it shine like new

Why fork out for a new leather dining chair when you could reupholster your existing chairs? But as it turns out, you don’t have to buy them because it’s better to get your old ones re upholstered. Don’t give up on your valuable furniture, contact out Gold Coast Upholsterers and they can do magic in no time.

Booth Seating – Gold Coast business favourite

Booth Seating Re Upholstery is the perfect choice for business owners. Commercial places need renewal as well and we can help you with that. Our Gold Coast Upholstery professional team can craft unique custom upholstery. So, it’s 100% guaranteed you will impress your clients with beauty and comfort.

Gym Upholstery

Making your gym equipment new again! Gym owners and enthusiasts can take advantage of our upholstery services. All of your gym equipment will look brand new and clean for your members of yourself. Our team uses only high quality and long-lasting materials specifically designed for gyms.

Bed Heads Upholstery

It’s time you stopped feeling uncomfortable looking at your tired bed head. Get comfortable with your sleeping environment again. Let our gold coast reupholster experts reinvigorate your bed heads upholstery. Once you get a good sleep, you will never regret this choice.

Marine Upholstery

Do you own a boat? Or maybe a more luxurious yacht? Either way, we can offer you professional marine upholstery. According to our team of experts, using the right materials and tools is essential for your boat upholstery. And this is exactly what we are going to do. You just have to call us and discuss all details.

Outdoor Upholstery

Not every company will offer outdoor upholstery  however it is one of our specialities. We care about your outdoor furniture as much as we do about your indoor furniture. Our Gold Coast Upholstery company can provide you with special custom made covers. You can protect your outdoor furniture from bad weather and other external factors. It is also a good idea for restaurants and other business owners who have outdoor furniture.

Custom Upholstery

And here we come to the best service ever! Custom upholstery is what everyone is dreaming about. Not everywhere you will be given the chance to choose the size, color, and other features of your furniture upholstery. You can share your ideas with our Gold Coast Upholstery team and they will tell you if they are possible. If you have no clue, or even and idea what you want, our professional upholsterers will give you valuable advice.



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