How to take care of leather upholstery

Lots of people prefer to buy and enjoy leather furniture. If you are one of them, there are certain things you should do to take good care of it. Like any other piece of furniture, leather requires special care. And we all know how valuable leather furniture really is. That is why you’d better not throw it away for a few flaws. In fact, we suggest you try leather re upholstery to make it look new and fresh. To preserve your leather longer, you should know how to care of your existing leather upholstery. Here are some easy tips on how to do that:

1.Clean Your Leather Regularly

Undeniably, cleaning is among the most important things to do to keep your leather on its best. Remember, you must wipe it down with a dry cloth. You should also include wiping your leather in your weekly cleaning routine. If there is more dust, you can use a cloth dampened with distilled water. Again, you have to make sure this cloth is not soaking wet because normally it’s wrong to wet leather upholstery. Scrubbers and abrasive brushes are also not allowed when it comes to cleaning leather.

2.Place Your Furniture in the Right Place

Leather is a sensitive material made of animal skin. You are probably taking good care of your own skin, aren’t you? And this is exactly what you have to do for your leather as well. If you have air-conditioners, don’t place leather furniture near them. You shouldn’t expose it to direct sunlight, fireplaces, or other heaters either. Making this mistake will cost you dry and cracked leather. It’s okay to keep the furniture in air-conditioned rooms, but make sure it’s not under the air-conditioner.

3.Clean What is Spilled Immediately

Accidents happen, it’s inevitable. However, if you happen to spill something on your leather, clean it right away. First, use a dry cloth to absorb the liquid. Then you can add some water to clean it better. Finally, wipe the area again and make sure it’s completely dry. If you spill something non-water, you might need to use gentle soap or special detergent for leather.

4.Use Detergents Meant for Leather

Leather is not something you clean with whatever you want. Today, there are a number of leather detergents on the market. You should read their labels and decide which is most suitable for your leather furniture. Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions on how and when to use a detergent. Don’t use more than the recommended dose.

Taking care of your leather furniture might seem like a real challenge. But if you follow these tips, you won’t have any problems. Just like other fabrics, leather is aging over time. To make it look new and modern, you can always get your leather furniture re upholstered. Leather is a quality fabric, so don’t give up on it. With proper care, it can look just perfect. If you need any help, please feel free to contact our Gold Coast upholstery team.

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