Who We Work With across the Gold Coast

Our Gold Coast Upholstery company has been in the business for many years. We know how to deal with all kinds of clients and meet their expectations. The team is dedicated to providing great upholstery services and renewing different places.

Individuals & Residential Upholstery

Gold Coast Upholsterers are always ready to satisfy individuals’ needs. Most people are wondering whether to keep or throw away their old residential furniture. We manage to explain them valuable furniture can be easily fixed. We can all agree there is no need to change the furniture for a few minor flaws.

Our team uses quality materials and special tools to repair chairs, sofas, beds, lounges, etc. We strive to provide maximal comfort for every individual. We will surprise you with incomparable fabric selection. For your convenience, we can assist you with your decorating needs. We are famous for providing high quality upholstery services at affordable prices. Every individual can feel the difference after getting their furniture upholstered. It can be felt in the whole atmosphere of the room. In fact, some clients cannot even recognize their old furniture once it’s reupholstered.

Business Owners & Commercial Upholstery

This Gold Coast Upholstery company is able to provide excellent service for business owners as well. When businesses try to save money, we are here to help them renew everything. Commercial Upholstery is important if you want your business to develop. Our upholstery team has already repaired thousands of booth seating and outdoor furniture and gave them new life. Business owners claim the number of clients is increasing after furniture re upholstery. We gave many companies the chance to order special custom upholstery. Everyone seems to be happy with our personalized offers and tips.

Outdoor Furniture Owners

We have helped lots of individuals and business owners that have outdoor furniture. Our upholsterers always strive to explain the importance of outdoor re upholstery or covers. Outdoor furniture is influenced by external factors. So, if you want to use it longer, listen to what specialists say. We had many clients that have practically “abandoned” their outdoor furniture. But our experienced upholsterers managed to repair it. We are not afraid of challenge. Our Gold Coast Upholstery Company can cope with the oldest furniture. We can also give you advice how to take care of it to last longer. If your furniture needs complete repair, call us and explain your case.

Boating Enthusiasts

Another group of our clients areboating enthusiasts. We offer quality marine upholstery to anyone who owns a boat, a yacht, or whatever. Our upholsterers are able to fix both indoor and outdoor furniture. You will be able to lean back comfortable on your boat and enjoy beautiful views.

Many of our clients thought it was impossible to repair gym equipment. But they made no mistake calling us. Our Gold Coast Upholstery team can easily fix any flaw and make the whole place look new and modern. With this rich experience, we have no difficulty in re upholstering unusual pieces of furniture.